Japan Expo... 2/07/2010

 So this year I was kind of... not ready at all for the convention. I was so much into finishing off my cosplay on time, and into preparing other stuff too (busy busy June), that I didn't really plan in advance what I wanted to see. As a result, I missed a few things... (such as Kanon Wakeshima or Aya Kanno ><) Oh well. There are days like that...

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Orchestre Royal doujinshi <3

Hmmm, maybe it's time I use this LJ more seriously... I just realized I wrote 2 long posts last year but never posted them, looks like I'm an eternal unsatisfied one and abandon too quickly what isn't good enough for my taste.

Since quite some time now, I've been working on making a Ningyou Kyuutei Gakudan doujinshi. It's taking me ages to
just make 1 page, and I have 16 to do, plus a color double spread. It's hard to focus because I just don't see the end of it. Ack and I'm a lazy person, too. <_< 14 pages are ready out of the 16, and I've inked 6 of them so far (good old ink on paper, that is). I'm apprehending the time when I'll have to add the tones (on computer). I really wanna start applying them, but I must focus on the inking first, or I'll really never finish this...

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kanon wakeshima

Showcase review (2)

Right before starting the session, we've been allowed to ask her a few questions. People asked:

1) Why did she choose Paris for her new album first showcase;
2) How is it to work with Mana;
3) Where does she take inspiration from;
4) How did she end up making the endings for Vampire Knight.
I hope I forgot none... >_> I'm not sure of the order either, gomen ne. -_-'

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kanon wakeshima

Back to reality - Showcase review (1)

I'm back home. :/ Drove 450 km in 1 day just to see miss Wakeshima. she was worth the bother though. =) Now the gear of my car is making a weird noise, but that's another story...^^; Mmh, how to start the summary of yesterday's showcase? It was so short but so cool, heh.

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Kanon Wakeshima in Paris!

She's coming this Wednesday, she's coming here, to France! I'm planning to go see her showcase aaand I hope I'll have the chance to get an autograph. :D And the next day, on the 12th, there will be Mana too! *squee* He'll only sign his DVD "DIXANADU - Europe Tour 2007" to the first 100 persons though. I will need extra lots of luck to be among these first 100 people... Then Kanon W will give a mini concert for the European release of her first album.
~edit: I forgot I had an important rehearsal with my choir on the 12th for next month's big event. -_-" I can't possibly come to see Mana ;_;

As for the autographes, Kanon W will sign her new album, "Shinshoku Dolce" at the FNAC of Champs-Elysees starting at 18:00 on the 11th, while Mana will sign the DVD "~ DIXANADU ~ Fated raison d'être ~ Europe Tour 2007" at the forum de la Bellevilloise starting at 20:00 on the 12th. Both events will be free. \o/ More info here.


Finally part of...

So I finally joined this ardent and big community... I'm part of some chosen ones, those with a livejournal, yay. Me, who always runs far from any group, community thingy. I'm such a loner. Bah it's the 2009 effect, I guess. :o

Actually I'm... so tired. X_x

I already wonder how long I'll keep using this journal.
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