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Orchestre Royal doujin... part 4

Wow finally a part 4! Well it's not progressing quickly, but still, what is done is done. =) I finished 5 more pages today, and made the sketch of the tarot cards. I thought about their meaning(s) and symbols, and took inspiration in existing tarots but also by searching other symbols that would fit the card meaning.

Now I have to finish inking 5 pages, coloring 1 and making the clean final drawings for the cards. Phew. Oh and I have an idea for a Kohaku x Berthie weird short story... I really want to draw Berthie, even though he'll prolly be a nightmare with all the details.... (though Cordie was one too with the haircut I made for her ^^; ).


The dialogs are ready :p but I won't show them until the doujin is completely finished. I think you should take one whole weekend to try, I think it will be enough. You'll have the time to make a couple of pages (or even just one) which is enough to see how fun it is ^^ (or not <_<;). If you try, pls tell me, I wanna see ^__^
Ok I promise I will try to make one or two pages one day ^^ ! I don't have enough strength to create a whole story, but I want to experiment this kind of work !