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Orchestre Royal doujin... part 4

Wow finally a part 4! Well it's not progressing quickly, but still, what is done is done. =) I finished 5 more pages today, and made the sketch of the tarot cards. I thought about their meaning(s) and symbols, and took inspiration in existing tarots but also by searching other symbols that would fit the card meaning.

Now I have to finish inking 5 pages, coloring 1 and making the clean final drawings for the cards. Phew. Oh and I have an idea for a Kohaku x Berthie weird short story... I really want to draw Berthie, even though he'll prolly be a nightmare with all the details.... (though Cordie was one too with the haircut I made for her ^^; ).


It looks like you work hard to achieve your goals ! Your screened pages of the "Orchestre Royal" doujin seem to be almost complete now (you may still need to fill the dialogs). The rendering is truly amazing. It makes me want to try it someday (when I will have enough time for such a huuuuge amount of work O_o;).
The dialogs are ready :p but I won't show them until the doujin is completely finished. I think you should take one whole weekend to try, I think it will be enough. You'll have the time to make a couple of pages (or even just one) which is enough to see how fun it is ^^ (or not <_<;). If you try, pls tell me, I wanna see ^__^
Ok I promise I will try to make one or two pages one day ^^ ! I don't have enough strength to create a whole story, but I want to experiment this kind of work !