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Orchestre Royal doujin... part 3

These last days I've been wearing out my eyes working on adding screentones to my current (and still ongoing ._.') project of a doujin related to Ningyou Kyuutei Gakudan / Orchestre Royal de Guignols / Grand Guignol Orchestra / Royal Doll Orchestra / whatever you like to name it... In my case I simply call it "Guignol", since, after all, it's the shortest possible word to describe it. Great. Well, I thought drawing and inking was long to do... adding tones takes even more time ^^; I make 1 page 1/2 per day at best.... Clipping is boring, time consuming and annoying, but I also fix many mistakes I did in the previous steps. Problem is that I'm kinda slowed down by the use of a mouse instead of a convenient pen. Strangely though, I don't mind too much. It's so rewarding to compare a page before and after the Photoshop processing. In fact, messing around with screentones is so much fun that I forget everything else. =)
Pictures of the WIP under the cut below.

Oh and I also have ideas for other short stories/pages/illu as well. For instance, this page on the right will display selected female chars from the manga, focusing on Spinel's thoughts. ^^

I also have the project of representing the main characters as Tarot cards. The corresponding cards I've chosen for now are:
Rutile - The Moon. I'll make Rutile play the luth under the moonlight.
Eles - The Star. After all, isn't she Rutile's hope regarding the salvation of Cordie and the guignols?
Kohaku - Strength. He'll prolly ride a bear or something along this line.
Gwindel - The Hermit
Spinel - The High Priestess. Another lunar character, don't you think? ^^ As a secret woman who always changes identity and hides her feelings.
Queen Cordierite - The Tower. This girl is so messed up. I hesitated, but given the end of the story, I don't think I can choose another card.
Morion - The Hierophant. Unsure about this one... And I think I will skip him anyway, I'm not too fond of this char.
Berthierite - The Devil. But since I don't like this Tarot card, I'm trying to find another one. The Fool, maybe.
Tags: doujinshi, drawing, fanart, kaori yuki, orchestre royal de guignols, wip

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