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Meme ^^ (finally doing it)

If you've been tagged, you must write your answers in your own lj and replace any question that you dislike with a new question.
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Tagged by kerydwen.
Tagging ellen_grieves , lee_bella, fuverid, lunargent (most of my friends are on Facebook and not here so I don't have 11 ppl to tag... but eww it makes me look so unfriendly) Sorry if you already did it. ^^

What song are you currently addicted to?
Some of the Umineko no Naku Koro ni anime and visual novel songs, mainly Kiniro no Choushou ~uruwashii no bansan~ with Akiko Shikata and the doujin songs by iojjj (lovely voice <3), out hmm this summer's Comiket C78 if I'm not mistaken. I'm a fan of the evil golden witch!

When you were a child who you wanted to become?
A musicologist, then an archeologist... well it looks like I liked the idea of patiently researching. At the university again, this taste for research came back with the idea of research in social psychology. I don't remember wanting to do/be something else.... Oh right, restoring paintings too. When I saw a TV program about it (during highschool or earlier) I thought it was awesome. It's also at the same period that I started to want to make watercolors (a professional was giving a global representation of something with a highly detailed watercolor, I was in awe, like hypnotized by the TV...).

What's the latest movie you watched?
Was it, er, "Tous les matins du monde" on TV perhaps? A superb French movie about 17th c baroque musicians. Wonderful music, good acting, beautiful historical elements. As a classical music addict, this is the kind of movie I can't possibly miss.

What is the one skill you wish you had?
Mediumnity that I could use to help others... (well ok, it sounds a bit weird).

What's your current fandom/obsession/addiction?
Kaori Yuki sensei... a 10 years faithful fan :p Otherwise right now, looks like it could be Code Geass, currently at ep.11 of season 2. Planning on making some hot fanart including Lelouch... Another more diffuse obsession for a few years now are some new age subjects such as 2012, ET, crop circles, obscure facts such as Piri Reis, Grasdorf plates, lost civilizations (being obsessed doesn't mean I necessarily believe, I just read...), also our inner energies, auras, shakras, reiki... and other things I won't mention.

What's your favorite musical instrument?
Keyboards I guess: organ, harpsichord and then piano... Nothing really original. But omg you can communicate so much with these self sufficient instruments! An organ in a church is like an old oak in a forest... something so venerable. I can cry during (beautiful) organ concerts in churches. Well I could also cry with small a cappella choirs with extremely graceful and pure voices, but that's rarer to find.

What web sites do you visit when you go online?
My websites statistics, mailboxes, and several Kaori Yuki related sites I check very regularly in case of some spicy news. ^^

What was the last thing you bought?
A new monitor screen last Saturday -_______- My lovely, cheered loyal 20" flat Samsung died last week ;_; I rushed to Grosbill to get a new one (2 days using the TV screen was painful enough) but the choice of monitors in stock was limited, so I just took the one closest to what I had previously. Prob is that it's a wider screen than before, now I'm in 1920*1080. Aka all my recent home made wallpapers are already outdated >< Must make new ones >""< And this is also 200€ "wasted" that I won't be able to use for other more interesting things, sigh.

If you won 10,000 bucks today, what would you do with it?
Err... prolly keep most of them for a future home refurbishing / car / kid / new wardrobe / whatever. And having an unforgettable trip abroad with my best friends. <3

Favourite time of day?
Midnight-4am. Quiet, peaceful, funny when something happens outside in the street (yeah because at such hours it's usually unusual, quite unexpected things may occur...)

What's the last thing that made you happy?
Finding a job offer last Friday that looked funny and that can be done from home. :D CV already sent ofc.

Do you want to learn another language?
There's learning and learning. I like being able to pronounce / recognize words and characters no matter how useless it is (Greek, Korean, Hebrew...), however really learning a language is another story, to do this I'd need a true purpose. ATM it's more like I wish I could at least improve what I already know. I wish I didn't forget so much of my German, I wish I had a richer Russian vocabulary, I wish I had a better English accent and ear...

Five things you can't live without?
Tasty food and drink aside, that would be music, internet, plants at home, a fair amount of sunny days and my bf (10 years with him, 1 week without feels like a real privation :s). Actually a thing I miss a lot is merely walking by the sea and breathing the air, playing with sand and putting my feet in the water. I have barely seen the sea this year (on a ferry to cross the Channel woohoo) and I can feel some emptiness... I do live without it atm so I can't say I can't live without... but still... a house not too far from the Atlantic is one of my dreams.


(most of my friends are on Facebook and not here so I don't have 11 ppl to tag... but eww it makes me look so unfriendly)
You shouldn't worry about this, because what does "friends" mean when there are hundreds of them? You wouldn't even have enough time to care about them all, don't you think so?

I didn't know Umineko no Naku Koro ni before I read your post, but I have just looked for more details on Youtube and its music seems awesome (the opening reminds me a bit Angel Sanctuary). Is the anime worth watching?

Finding a job offer last Friday that looked funny and that can be done from home. :D CV already sent ofc
I hope you will get the job, working from home must be comfortable! (btw what does "ofc" mean ^^;?)
The anime is built as a sort of chess game between a witch and the hero who doesn't believe in witchcraft. It's quite-very bloody... quite dark, and quite unclear at the beginning. The char design is nice, the music even nicer. I'm not yet at the end of the anime, so I can't say yet if it's worth watching or not. So far it's intriguing. ^^

Ofc means "of course" ^^ not widely used, I admit. :o
XD I have a facebook too if you ever wanna add me (I'm under Ellen Grieves)

1) Let Down by Dead By Sunrise (My current addiction XD)
2) Archeologist or a Doctor
3) Shutter
4) Patience XD
5) Yuki-sensei's works B) reading yaoi, coloring manga
6) Violin (or the Cello)
7) Livejournal, Deviantart, Facebook, Twitter, Angelic Voice XD,
8) A gallon of milk~
9) Put it away in case I ever need it someday~
10) 4-5AM 'cause I can work in peace ^^
11) Had a get together yesterday and enjoyed the company :D
12) Uhh better Japanese? I can communicate in various languages and I'm already bilingual so...Chinese, Latin and maybe Arabic. I can read/understand Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish and Dutch. I'm fluent completely in English and Spanish. I just wanna improve though ^^; Russian is very rusty and so is my German.
#1- Internet
#2- Computer/Laptop
#3- Tablet
#4- ipod

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