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Food in the life of an otak'

For some reason I wanted to speak food today. *drools* I so like good food! And I'm such a baad cook -_- I don't have the patience to prepare stuff. A meal must be done in less than 20-30 mins or I won't make it. However I do enjoy tasty fresh meals and I'm not fond of frozen or instant food.

I found pictures I took some time ago and thought "why not using them instead of just giggling and drooling each time I stumble upon them on my pc?"

Let's start with daily meal. Nothing fancy here of course, this is what I eat, prepare myself or ordered-delivered. ^^ About the 2 pics below:
1- A little aperitif before dinner (my bf and I like to have a snack/drink something a couple of hours before having dinner - meaning, we eat late).
2- Sushi delivery :D As you can notice, my bf likes to play games.


I have lunch mostly at home, but what is a non-cook able to prepare, huh? Er...


3- The wok was a desperate need to finish off all the leftover before leaving for a week. Actually it tasted good. This may remind of the "gratin de la semaine" in the Malcolm series... I mixed potatoes, leek, bacon, yoghurt and prolly a couple of other stuff in low quantity (forgotten rice in the fridge...). The result was better than expected.
4- This is something great. A goat cheese bacon ratatouille tart. Frozen food (by Marie), tasty for once! My bf bought it for me because he was pitying me, knowing how plain are my lunches. I'll have to buy this tart again.
=> The look before the oven stage.

Just noticed it's funny to compare these 2 pics. The colour of both dishes appear to be quite similar actually...

I like foreign food as well. Who doesn't in fact? I don't have much pics though. I mean, I don't photograph everything I eat (maybe I should?) and don't have my cam always with me. Buuut here are:
5- Some takoyaki from this year's Japan Expo, my reward for surviving the day <3
6- And zepelin, a Lithuanian specialty not-so-easy to make (of course I'm not the cook, my skillful cousin made them).


...I'll continue later with restaurant dishes, they look way better than the pics from this post. ^^

*Looks at bf*
- What will we eat tonight? *puppy eyes*
- ... ... *bf plays Supreme Commander and swears*
- Meh...

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