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First watecolor ever sold

On Sunday I sold for the very first time a drawing of mine. Woohoooo! I autographed it to the girl who bought it of course ("to Cassandre" <3 too good to be true), however since it was my first time, the sig is kinda yuckyucky... I need to train this. ^^;
The pic in question is a fanart of the BeGoths collectible dolls. You can see my watercolor here, and the 2 original dolls: Alindria & Pandora.

Maybe I shoud start drawing, watercoloring more seriously, taking lessons, something...


Félicitations !
C'est le début de la gloire ? ;)
Haha oui on va dire ça :p Ca fait plaisir n'empêche, ça donne un peu plus confiance en soi disons.

(Rien à voir, mais ça me fait penser que je n'ai toujours pas pris le temps de répondre à ton meme >_>)