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Translating... a long process.

Huuuh translating can be so tiresome. But instructive. I have to translate a site about a certain champagne into English. Well, even in French it's not easy to understand, with all the specific terms... What part of the vine is the cane, what pruning do you use for what grape variety, what's the use of leaf-thinning and leaf-pulling, what do you do with the juice right after the harvest, what's the advantage of pneumatic presses,  what kind of barrels will you use for what purpose and how long, what's the primary fermentation, how do you obtain the bubbles in the traditional way, how are prepared the different cuvées and when do you add the liqueur de dosage and cork, what is the difference between an extra brut, a vintage and a demi-sec... aaah. Instructive I tell you.
So, I spend time trying to understand French before writing in English. Good thing there are only 3 pages to translate... At least now I can speak about champagne in both languages... if I remember all these terms, that is, haha. Describing the cuvées for the eye, nose and palate is also an exercise requiring a lot of vocabulary and precision... stewed fruits, gingerbread, floral bouquet, linden, citrus, vanilla notes in a lingering finish... Makes me want to taste some wine...


Bon courage dans ce cas :)
Ayant toujours détesté la traduction, je suis toujours admirative face à ceux qui travaillent là-dedans.
Hello miss ^^ (et super félicitations pour ton diplôme au fait !!)
Je trouve ça extrêmement fastidieux, et réaliser un travail correct demande beaucoup de concentration et des relectures sans fin... Mais une fois terminé, j'en retire tellement de satisfaction ! Etrange, non... je suis ptet un peu maso...