November 11th, 2010

umineko witch

Selling Betsuhana, Hana to Yume, furoku & CDs

I need more room at home to store my mangas (!) so I finally decided to sell unecessary stuff. I list and explain everything on eBay both in French and English. The list is more easily browsable from French ebay even though I sell worldwide. Links:
My prices aren't high, I'm not making money out of this sale. I could as well burn all the magazines, but then there might be some collectors out there who are looking for them. For this reason I even took pictures of all the color title pages included in the mags. I also sell some mangas (French/English), various furoku and a few Jpop CDs (one of Kanon Wakeshima - edit 23 nov sold!). Some names you'll find on my list:
  • HIDAKA Banri (I hate you more than anyone Seka Kira, Hitsuji no Namida, VB Rose)
  • HIWATARI Saki (PSME 2)
  • KANNO Aya (Otomen, oneshot and older stuff)
  • KAWASOU Masumi (Touring Express, Jenny)
  • IZAWA Rei (Meine Liebe, Shitsuji-sama no Okiniiri, oneshot)
  • MINAMI Maki (Specia A)
  • MIUCHI Suzue (Glass no Kamen)
  • NAKAJO Hisaya (Hanakimi, Sugar Princess)
  • RAGAWA Marimo (Itsudemo Otenki Kibun, Shanimuni GO, and more)
  • TAKAYA Natsuki (Fruits Basket, Twinkle Stars)
  • YAMADA Nanpei (Sorairo Kaigan, Koucha Ouji, Orange Chocolate)
  • YUKI Kaori (Guignol Kyuutei Gakudan, Angel Sanctuary drama CD)
And more!
Note - Items are sent from France.