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Selling Betsuhana, Hana to Yume, furoku & CDs

I need more room at home to store my mangas (!) so I finally decided to sell unecessary stuff. I list and explain everything on eBay both in French and English. The list is more easily browsable from French ebay even though I sell worldwide. Links:
My prices aren't high, I'm not making money out of this sale. I could as well burn all the magazines, but then there might be some collectors out there who are looking for them. For this reason I even took pictures of all the color title pages included in the mags. I also sell some mangas (French/English), various furoku and a few Jpop CDs (one of Kanon Wakeshima - edit 23 nov sold!). Some names you'll find on my list:
  • HIDAKA Banri (I hate you more than anyone Seka Kira, Hitsuji no Namida, VB Rose)
  • HIWATARI Saki (PSME 2)
  • KANNO Aya (Otomen, oneshot and older stuff)
  • KAWASOU Masumi (Touring Express, Jenny)
  • IZAWA Rei (Meine Liebe, Shitsuji-sama no Okiniiri, oneshot)
  • MINAMI Maki (Specia A)
  • MIUCHI Suzue (Glass no Kamen)
  • NAKAJO Hisaya (Hanakimi, Sugar Princess)
  • RAGAWA Marimo (Itsudemo Otenki Kibun, Shanimuni GO, and more)
  • TAKAYA Natsuki (Fruits Basket, Twinkle Stars)
  • YAMADA Nanpei (Sorairo Kaigan, Koucha Ouji, Orange Chocolate)
  • YUKI Kaori (Guignol Kyuutei Gakudan, Angel Sanctuary drama CD)
And more!
Note - Items are sent from France.

Orchestre Royal doujin... part 4

Wow finally a part 4! Well it's not progressing quickly, but still, what is done is done. =) I finished 5 more pages today, and made the sketch of the tarot cards. I thought about their meaning(s) and symbols, and took inspiration in existing tarots but also by searching other symbols that would fit the card meaning.

Now I have to finish inking 5 pages, coloring 1 and making the clean final drawings for the cards. Phew. Oh and I have an idea for a Kohaku x Berthie weird short story... I really want to draw Berthie, even though he'll prolly be a nightmare with all the details.... (though Cordie was one too with the haircut I made for her ^^; ).

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Orchestre Royal doujin... part 3

These last days I've been wearing out my eyes working on adding screentones to my current (and still ongoing ._.') project of a doujin related to Ningyou Kyuutei Gakudan / Orchestre Royal de Guignols / Grand Guignol Orchestra / Royal Doll Orchestra / whatever you like to name it... In my case I simply call it "Guignol", since, after all, it's the shortest possible word to describe it. Great. Well, I thought drawing and inking was long to do... adding tones takes even more time ^^; I make 1 page 1/2 per day at best.... Clipping is boring, time consuming and annoying, but I also fix many mistakes I did in the previous steps. Problem is that I'm kinda slowed down by the use of a mouse instead of a convenient pen. Strangely though, I don't mind too much. It's so rewarding to compare a page before and after the Photoshop processing. In fact, messing around with screentones is so much fun that I forget everything else. =)
Pictures of the WIP under the cut below.

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Meme ^^ (finally doing it)

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Food in the life of an otak'

For some reason I wanted to speak food today. *drools* I so like good food! And I'm such a baad cook -_- I don't have the patience to prepare stuff. A meal must be done in less than 20-30 mins or I won't make it. However I do enjoy tasty fresh meals and I'm not fond of frozen or instant food.

I found pictures I took some time ago and thought "why not using them instead of just giggling and drooling each time I stumble upon them on my pc?"

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Vendanges 2010

Vendanges are over in Champagne. Phew, not the most tiring harvest I've done, less painful than usual. But cutting the grapes was so bothersome this year. Almost all the black grapes were half rotten, so we were asked to sort. Yeah, there are regions where rot (pourriture grise) is what is looked for, but not in Champagne. And then, how do you select grapes when there is rotten grape on each of them? No, you don't throw the bunch away...
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First watecolor ever sold

On Sunday I sold for the very first time a drawing of mine. Woohoooo! I autographed it to the girl who bought it of course ("to Cassandre" <3 too good to be true), however since it was my first time, the sig is kinda yuckyucky... I need to train this. ^^;
The pic in question is a fanart of the BeGoths collectible dolls. You can see my watercolor here, and the 2 original dolls: Alindria & Pandora.

Maybe I shoud start drawing, watercoloring more seriously, taking lessons, something...

Translating... a long process.

Huuuh translating can be so tiresome. But instructive. I have to translate a site about a certain champagne into English. Well, even in French it's not easy to understand, with all the specific terms... What part of the vine is the cane, what pruning do you use for what grape variety, what's the use of leaf-thinning and leaf-pulling, what do you do with the juice right after the harvest, what's the advantage of pneumatic presses,  what kind of barrels will you use for what purpose and how long, what's the primary fermentation, how do you obtain the bubbles in the traditional way, how are prepared the different cuvées and when do you add the liqueur de dosage and cork, what is the difference between an extra brut, a vintage and a demi-sec... aaah. Instructive I tell you.
So, I spend time trying to understand French before writing in English. Good thing there are only 3 pages to translate... At least now I can speak about champagne in both languages... if I remember all these terms, that is, haha. Describing the cuvées for the eye, nose and palate is also an exercise requiring a lot of vocabulary and precision... stewed fruits, gingerbread, floral bouquet, linden, citrus, vanilla notes in a lingering finish... Makes me want to taste some wine...